Smiley para el chat de Facebook

laughSmile – smiling face[[F9.laugh]]
sadSad – sad emoticons[[F9.sad]]
angryAngry – face red with anger[[F9.angry]]
kissKiss – Kiss[[F9.kiss]]
inloveIn love – with heart-shaped eyes[[F9.inlove]]
adoreSmiley who loves – with the heart eyes[[F9.adore]]
sleepyHe sleeps – He’s asleep[[F9.sleepy]]
pizzaPizza – a slice of pizza[[]]
shockSurprised – smiley with mouth open[[F9.shock]]
coffeeCoffee – Cup of coffee[[]]
rainIt rains – clouds and rain[[F9.rain]]
heartHeart – big red heart[[F9.heart]]
heartbreakBroken Heart[[F9.heartbreak]]
doctorDoctor or Nurse[[]]
brbBRB (be right back – back soon)[[F9.brb]]
WineWine – Wine Bottles[[]]
giftGift – pack with green ribbon[[]]
angelAngelo – Santa face with areola[[F9.angel]]
baloonsBalloons – Party[[F9.baloons]]
cakeBirthday cake with candles[[F9.cake]]
bowlCup – bowl noodles[[F9.bowl]]
clapApplause – face that laughs and applauds[[F9.clap]]
confusedConfused – with a crooked mouth[[F9.confused]]
curllipHappy-face curling lip[[F9.curllip]]
devilfaceDevil – a demon face angry[[F9.devilface]]
lyingLie – with a long nose[[F9.lying]]

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